Ayahuasca (ī″yə-wä′skə, ä″yə-)

Monday, November 21, 2022 9:46 AM

My first experience with plant medicine was in September 2021. I was broken inside and had tried everything I knew, traditional and spiritual, to release attachment to outcome in my Twin Flame Journey unsuccessfully. Remembering my twin telling me about Ayahuasca (aka Aya) plant medicine, I decided to make the trip to Soul Quest to see if Aya might work for me. 
Being illegal in all 50 states, a religious waiver allows participants to drink plant medicine. It is an extreme measure that most won’t attempt. I was desperate to find something to help me heal my attachment after separation from my Twin Flame. It was outside my comfort zone, something I would never have tried in the past.

Each journey is different and has helped towards my soul’s healing. I have done four ceremonies and came back for three additional ones on the 5 year anniversary of my awakening. My total journey lasts four hours and is life changing. Participating allows my spiritual eyes and mind to fully open.
Ayahuasca allows a person to experience visions. It activates parts of the brain associated with memory, emotions, intention, and visual perception. Each ceremony, I go a little deeper for remembrance of who I am. 
It provides healing I am grateful for, and helps me to be at peace. After each ceremony, I think I have fully healed. You don’t use Aya and completely heal, but it is a tool that that you use towards healing. It reveals what I still need to work on within myself (shadow work).  My want to heal other things within my life comes to the forefront, a thirst that only Aya can quench. Ceremony 7 allowed me to release pain that remained from hurt deep inside my heart. It allows me to surrender and release my burdens through God’s love. I am grateful
In love and His light,