Spiritual Gifts

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 8:26 AM

I became aware of having a sixth sense as a teenager in 1986 when my grandfather was sick with cancer. There were things I said that had no explanation. I was once at the mall and “knew” someone else was there at the same time. Another time, I had been invited to go with friends on a weekend night and I “felt” I shouldn’t go. My friends had a minor wreck that night. After my grandfather passed away, I felt my gift had somewhat went away. It started up again in my 20s. Gifts include:

Clairvoyance “clear-seeing”

Clairvoyants have visions that manifest physically and you are able to see things beyond using your eyes in the past, present, or future. I have experienced this a few times. It always surprises me when I “see” something happen before it actually does. 

Clairaudience “clear-hearing”

Clairaudients can hear messages audibly or inside their mind. You are able to hear voices or sounds that come to your mind. This is becoming one of my strongest gifts. It started almost four years ago and usually includes 1970s songs that I don’t know. It will be a note or two that becomes a song. A word or two of lyrics “drop” into my mind. My list of songs are close to 200 in a little over three years. 

Clairsentience “clear-feeling”

Clairsentients can feel emotions of others. Usually, I call it my “gut feel”, and it is my strongest spiritual gift. This feeling has served me well and helped me build my business. It helps me and continues guiding me today to make good decisions that results in better outcomes.

Claircognizance “clear-knowing”

Clearcognizants have the ability to “just know” information and be completely right. They are able to know when something is happening or situations that happen. This one is an extension of my clairsentience, and I am learning to trust it more.

Little known gifts are Clairgustinance “clear-tasting” and Clairailient “clear-smelling”. Things you might be able to taste is fruit, and it may mean spirits are close by. I have smelled cigarettes before. I’m still trying to understand these two to utilize them more.

Some embrace these gifts, while others may not want to acknowledge the possibilities of things that exists. These gifts were passed down through my grandmother. She was highly intuitive. If you are spiritually gifted and are open to the possibilities, allow yourself to experience these as the power of intuition is powerful. I hope my gifts and abilities continue to grow, and I use them to help others as needed.

In love and His light,