Alternative Healing Modalities

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 11:00 AM

Many people choose traditional routes to heal such as therapy with licensed counselors.  It is something that I tried, which helped me some.  Over time, I wanted and needed more.  As I delved into spirituality on a deeper level, I became aware of other healing available that I was open to.  I began to research alternative healing modalities and found a new world that opened to me.

When I started having small aches and pains in my 40s, I would splurge and get a therapeutic massage every few months.  It made a huge difference in my physical movement and how I felt.  As I aged and with my 55 pound dog pulling against me when I walked her, I suffered more with inner elbow pain. Massage became more needed, and I found out that my massage therapist offered other services including Reiki.  

Reiki is an energetic healing technique that originated in Japan and keeps Chi energy flowing. There are 7 main chakras that I will blog on in the coming weeks.  I learned more about how blockages in different chakras can impact us deeply.  For example, a blocked heart chakra can impact your relationships and happiness in your life.  It can stop you from being able to give or receive.  The end result causes you to be overly critical of others or hold grudges.  Unfortunately, grudges was something I did well for over 20 years.  It is something I no longer do. 

My hope is that by sharing a list of healing modalities, that it will give you suggestions to try along your journey.  There are many things that are more main stream that I encourage you to do on a regular basis.  Not all of these will work for everyone, but I hope that you might find a couple of things to try to allow you to work on your individual healing.  When you actively make changes, your heart chakra will open allowing you to feel happier. 

Disclaimer:  Use of any of the types of therapy listed below doesn’t guarantee individual healing.

Namaste 🙏 

  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Sound healing/bath
  • Reflexology
  • Salt floats/bath
  • Nature walks
  • Visiting the beach, woods, mountains, lake, and/or waterfalls
  • Tantra
  • Sensual touch and dancing
  • Past life regression
  • Meditation - 432 hz
  • Breathing exercises
  • Acupuncture
  • Facial
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Essential oils