Peace at the Mountain

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 6:25 PM

Amongst things I am grateful for includes my best friend, Samantha.  She and I have been friends since Kindergarten.  She has seen me through many phases of my life, and she is always there for me.  

Samantha’s family includes her husband and his sons and daughter-in-laws with several children.  They planned a family vacation in the mountains and invited me along.  The love among the family members is very apparent, and it brings me joy.  I had s’mores for the first time in several years which was delicious.

I didn’t do anything but connect with the nature and beauty before me for the weekend.  It was about being in the moment at all times.  The clouds had many shapes and facial features in them.  Mountains are one of the most peaceful places for me and the dimensional backdrop looks more like a postcard.

I feel more connected to Divine when I am at the mountains or at the beach.  God gave all of us beauty like this to appreciate on a larger scale.  Over the last year, I can be in the moment and fully at peace while drinking in the scenery of trees, mountain peaks and smokey clouds.  Sometimes when life is overwhelming, a quick trip can recharge my life batteries.

I hope that you find your own slice of peace whether at the mountains, beach, or any place that makes you happy.  Never neglect yourself or the healing that nature offers.  In today’s world, slow down and be in the moment.  Let your monkey mind rest.   

In love and His light,