Unconditional Love

Monday, August 29, 2022 10:13 AM

In the past, I had romantic partners that I deeply loved, but loving with conditions was always present.  Had someone told me I did this years ago, I would have denied I conditionally loved.  If you had asked, do you love a romantic interest unconditionally, I would have said yes, without a doubt.  Looking back, I never loved anyone other than my children unconditionally until I was almost 50.  Immaturity, hurt feelings, and emotional wounding I experienced never allowed me to be open and fully letting love into my heart.  I said I love you and meant it, but the love wasn’t on the deepest of levels.   

The first time I held my children, I felt unconditional love.  At the time, I didn’t know that’s what I felt, I only knew that my heart felt like it was going to explode.  I instantly became protective of my 8 lb 4 oz and 9 lb 11 oz bundles of joy, like a mama bear.  My heart felt something completely new.  It was something I had never experienced and was indescribable.  I had been married and although I loved, unfortunately I placed conditions on that love.  I never considered the possibility that I could love a partner from the depth of my soul.  Many times we think we have loved unconditionally, but the reality is most don’t.

My spiritual awakening that started in late 2017 changed my world.  I experienced a love that was unparalleled, earth shattering, and all encompassing.  My world shifted.  I felt a gravitational pull to this person.  There are no words to express the depth of love I felt. This love is something that is still hard to put into words.  For the first time in my life, I felt love without conditions towards someone other than my children.  It was difficult for me to accept that someone could love me for who I truly am.  When that happens, you are never the same but forever changed, no matter what heartache might come down the road.

Through the last four years, I have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows along my Twin Flame journey.  After being completely heartbroken, I had to learn how to heal.  It was a long and difficult process.  Though my healing, I understood that I loved him unconditionally even with the deep grief that is still hard to express.  I always will love him unconditionally.  

After isolating myself from a loving connection for over a year from being broken, I met someone who I recognized from a past lifetime, a soul mate.  His kindness and love allowed me to heal many things from my past.  Even though we are never fully healed, it was as if he started gluing my broken heart back together.  I will always be grateful for round two of unconditional love.  Even though we weren’t meant to stay together through spiritual discovery, I will also love him unconditionally.  He is the first man that I was able to maintain a warm connection after breaking up.  I now know I can love other unconditionally as someone else also came in for a season.  We are meant to have unconditional love with others and I’m grateful to have experienced it three times.  Never settle for anything less.  

In love and His light,