Tuesday, September 13, 2022 12:47 PM

When I met part of my spiritual soul tribe at Elohee last summer, I had no idea that four months later at our return to Elohee that we would decide to go to Sedona, one of the biggest metaphysical destinations in the US. After 10 months of discussion, our leader pulled it all together. Eleven ladies, 5 decades, mother/daughter/grandmother, and 5 states are represented. We arrived in Cottonwood, AZ, on Sunday and shopped at Tlaquepaqe in Sedona on Monday.  

On Tuesday, our group started at Bell Rock. It was beauty on a different scale and I felt masculine and feminine vortex energy for the first time there. We then went to Chapel of the Holy Cross.  I loved that a woman developed her concept of this sacred place in 1932. The feminine vortex energy was amazing. As I sat connecting spiritually and looked up at Jesus nailed to the cross, I felt emotional. He gave his life for us to have Salvation, for our sins to be forgiven.  I felt his compassion. 

 For our third day, we went on the Sedona Mystic Tour. We were allowed access to Rachel’s Knoll where we allowed our Divine Feminine energy to fully be felt. I felt close to Divine here. A trip to Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park allowed more connection.  

On Thursday, our group traveled to Buddha Beach. When we saw the rock formation, I could see auras and images that were peaceful. This place is special. It is Divine Feminine/Masculine energies. The pull was the deepest of all for me. We all got in the healing, clear waters.This was my favorite place we went to. Loved how the rocks are able to stay stacked from the vortex energy.

Friday was all about Boynton Canyon, which was a great hiking trail and again, energy is felt here. While at the canyon, the ladies celebrated the official book release of My Twin Flame Journey of Separation, Surrender, and Release: Unconditional Love Through Spiritual Lessons and Healing on September 9th. Unfortunately, I was triggered on our last full day. No matter how healed we are, a trigger can still happen and tears happen, although I haven’t had an episode of this magnitude for almost a year. I have prayed that God takes the painful trigger that I felt deeply. No matter, I trust fully in this process.

In love and His light,