Soul mate vs Twin Flame

Monday, September 26, 2022 1:58 PM

What is the difference between a soulmate and Twin Flame? I have experienced both types of connections in the last four years. Both are equally important. In recent years, the term has become trendy or romanticized. Yes, it can be romantic, but it’s to help you heal childhood wounds and adult traumas.

My belief is that we have soul groups. Those are the people we have shared different lifetimes with. They can be family, friends, even animals.

A soul mate is a natural, easy connection, and usually romantic. You feel like you have known them all your life. We have multiple soul mates. They bring you happiness, peace, and joy. You may even finish their sentences.
A Twin Flame is someone you have shared multiple lifetimes with, who will expose childhood wounds and adult traumas for your individual soul growth. It isn’t easy, and there are multiple stages along your journey that usually cause one to experience a dark night of the soul. It leads you back to childlike wonder and is a purification of the soul. Twin Flame connections are rare, and there are 77,000 pairs of twins. We aren’t all here in the physical plane at the same time.

On 11/11/17 (the twin flame number is 1111), I had a terrible fall. I passed out while in the shower and landed face first on my bathroom tile floor. My world changed forever and my spiritual awakening happened. I am now almost 5 years into this process. I am now a better person and am becoming my best version in this lifetime.

In love and His light,