Thursday, September 22, 2022 9:30 AM

In Sedona, I experienced a huge trigger on my last day. When I was younger, I called it an anxiety or panic attack. Through my awakening, I understood that situations could cause high anxiety, sheer panic, or tears that could happen in an intense and instant moment. It can be overwhelming.

One of the triggers in my teenage years was tests and research papers. I always wanted to excel in school, but unfortunately, I was an average student at best. There were occasional classes that I found I really liked the subject or teacher, and I did better in those.

Another trigger was unrequited crushes that I experienced in a small town. It seemed everyone else had a boyfriend and I didn’t. I know now that my exposed self-worth wound was at the surface. Looking back, it didn’t matter as the world extended beyond the high school I attended. I should have loved myself then as I do now. 
When I started working, I was scared of not understanding how to do a job properly and failing. I put extra pressure on myself to perform to my best ability and not disappoint anyone, which increased my stress levels. This vicious cycle continued for the better part of 30 years.

By far, massive triggers happened after separation from my Twin Flame. There were days of unending tears, not being able to leave my four walls, fear that crippled me, and not knowing if I was going to going to emerge through the darkness.  Whether you have anxiety, panic, depressive episodes, you can walk through the door into love and light.  It may feel overwhelming, but I am living proof that you can make conscious choices and heal.  Part of it is daily choices, new habits, acceptance, hope, loving yourself, faith, and prayer. You are not alone through your process. Please know that.

In love and His light,