Unconditional Love Through Spiritual Lessons and Healing



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If you have a connection that transcends time and space, you may have met your Twin Flame.

This enlightening memoir presents the deepest pain and highest love along V.C. Pitt's path. It is a story about unconditional love on her Twin Flame journey as a Divine Feminine. Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul that mirror. Separation is a stage that brings one to experience a Dark Night of the Soul. After experiencing loss, death and trying to escape and numb out repeatedly, V.C. turned to spirituality and chose to heal emotional traumas. Her beliefs became stronger and she connected deeply to God.

V.C. Pitt will make you see that you are complete in your own right, that you don't need another person to complete you. It can guide you to become aware of all types of toxicity, including behaviors or people that need to be cleared from your life. Develop your ability to surrender and release the Twin Flame connection to God or Source. Are you ready to drop your ego and pride and heal core wounds through unconditional love?


Unconditional Love Through Spiritual Lessons and Healing 

V.C. Pitt

V.C. Pitt grew up in a small Southern town and is an owner of a successful medical billing company. She lives with her loving son, Roman, and challenging dog, Crystal. Her favorite places are the beach and mountains where she enjoys walking and connecting with nature. V.C. loves to watch live music shows in small venues or outdoor amphitheaters. It’s not unusual to find her at a metaphysical shop in search of a specific healing crystal or selecting a new tarot or oracle deck. 

Always looking for ways to enhance her spiritual growth, she attends retreats and participates in alternative healing modalities. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a successful surgery and radiation which made her a survivor. Her goal with the book is to inspire others when they are trying to find a way out of sadness, anxiety, and depression when all seems lost.  


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